Join the Vottun Journey! A program packed with activities leading up to the launch of $VTN, created to reward both developers and community members.

Presale Token $VTN

The presale will only be available to the fastest users. Join the whitelist so we can keep you informed of any updates!

Vottun World

Earn $VTN

Join our community, participate in activities, utilize Vottun APIs, and earn rewards.

Rise through the ranks

Complete task, level up and earn rewards.


Participate in Vottun events and earn exclusive NFTs.

Join Zealy, complete activities and earn $VTN

Participate in our Zealy community to earn Vottun World EXP, which will qualify you for the $VTN airdrop. It’s important to have your Zealy account connected to Vottun World to be eligible to receive the rewards.

Vottun Ambassadors

Join our exclusive ambassador program, help us spread the word about Vottun, and earn $VTN.

Discover our ecosystem of partners

Join our community

Join our community to stay informed about updates regarding the $VTN Token


Everything you need to know in one place
What is the Vottun Journey?

This is a set of activities that members of the Vottun community can do to interact with the Vottun ecosystem and earn rewards. From participating in Zealy missions, interacting on social networks, joining our own Vottun World platform, etc., the possibilities are endless.

What is the Vottun ecosystem?

The Vottun ecosystem is made up of our community, partners and the SDKs and applications created with Vottun APIs. The $VTN is responsible for aligning incentives and rewarding all members of the ecosystem.

When will $VTN come out?

The TGE (Token Generation Event) will take place during the second half of 2024. However, until then, members of our community can participate in the Vottun Journey to earn exclusive token-related rewards.

What is Vottun World?

Vottun World is our own platform and the center of all activities carried out in the Vottun ecosystem, both for developers and community members. In addition, Vottun World has an integrated custodian wallet, which allows you to keep your $VTN on the platform without needing to have a wallet and manage private keys.

What is Zealy?

Zealy is a platform to create quests and interact with the community. On our Zealy profile, users can participate in a weekly competition called “sprint” and earn points that can later be redeemed for rewards, such as $VTN tokens.

How does the Vottun Ambassador Program work?

This is an incentive program focused on the most active members of the community who want to get more involved with Vottun. To participate, you must complete the form in the Vottun Ambassadors section of this website once it is available.

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